How we help your clients win!

Complete Transparency

The big secret in the mortgage Industry is that most 'A' paper Interest rates come with a cash credit from the lender.  By law, the banks & other direct lenders are not required to tell your client about this, so they usually don't.  Points & fees are still charged.  Sometimes, to save a deal, they will offer some amount, say $1,000 towards closing costs.  Sounds great, right?  Unless it was supposed to be $8,000 or $10,000 and cover all the closing costs and some or all of funding the new Impound account...

This cash credit is completely disclosed to your client and is applied 100%, first to points and fees, making this a true 'No Cost' loan to your client, not just financed back in.  Any amount over the closing costs can be applied toward funding some or all of the new Impound account, saving your client thousands of dollars more.  Any amount left over that, can be applied to principal reduction at time of closing.  Imagine your client not only needing many thousands less to close, but discovering that they gained Instant Equity at closing.  

They'll think you're a genius!