Impound accounts are what's used to keep your taxes and insurance paid as time passes.  You are not being charged anything extra however the account must be funded with so many months of insurance payments and taxes to start dispensing on your behalf.  This is usually a few thousand dollars over any down payment required.

Let's see if we can get that covered for you!

Home Buyers

Whether you're putting 20% down or 0% down, there are a significant amount of other expenses to closing your loan.  Points and fees are the costs of your loan including third party expenses such as title, escrow, home inspection, etc.

Within a few moments, we can identify any assistance programs you may qualify for and then get you pre-approved to start searching for your next house.  Almost all sellers will not bother even considering your offer unless you have pre-approval documentation.  No Problem!

We specialize in 'Best Rate / No Cost' loans meaning that all your points and fees may be paid for you in escrow, making this a true no cost loan for you.  A lot of lenders just finance those costs back into the loan.  So not only does it still cost you that money, you're now paying interest on it amortized over thirty years.  Much better if we can cover that for you, isn't it?  (click on the 'SERVICES' button above to see how that works*)

Depending on the specific loan and circumstances, we can usually capture enough cash credit from the lender too also cover some or all of your new impound account.